Current Exhibitions


Stability, Grace, Endurance: Hand Crafted in Early Barossa

12 Apr 2024 – 3 Jun 2024
An exhibition bringing together early Barossa pottery, furniture, textile, loaned and borrowed from museums and collectores. Part of SA History Festival 2024

Past Exhibitions

Hugo Michell-Sydney Contemporary-Install_Sept 23-9sml
Sydney Contemporary 2023: Hugo Michell Gallery
7 Sep 2023 – 10 Sep 2023

Sera Waters: Future Traditions: Soft Comfort (Install shot)
Future Traditions
26 Nov 2022 – 16 Apr 2023
Future Traditions, a solo exhibition exploring textile traditions by Sera Waters, is the outcome of the 2020 Guildhouse Fellowship (with the Art Gallery of South Australia, supported by the James & Diana Ramsay Foundation). Showing in Gallery 8 at Art Gallery of South Australia.

Detail photograph of Suckers: Coat of (lopped) Arms by Sera Waters
11 Oct 2021 – 28 Aug 2022
Eucalyptusdom is an exhibition presenting over 400 objects from the Powerhouse Collection alongside 17 newly commissioned works by creative practitioners working across the fields of design, architecture, film, applied arts and performance.

Text Tile
24 Jun 2022 – 16 Jul 2022

2022 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Free/State
4 Mar 2022 – 5 Jun 2022
2022 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Free/State, curated by Sebastian Goldspink, Art Gallery of South Australia.

Banner of Mine: Cultivation
A Tangled Bank
15 Jan 2022 – 25 Apr 2022
A group exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery.

Sera Waters: Domestic Arts
26 Sep 2020 – 31 Oct 2021
Sera Waters: Domestic Arts is a Country Arts SA touring exhibition presented in partnership with ACE Open. Country Arts SA is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Embroidery: Oppression to Expression
17 Jun 2021 – 25 Sep 2021
An exhibition featuring embroidery from across four centuries, at David Roche Foundation House Museum, Adelaide

Noticeboard installation view
Familiar Activism: Truth-Telling
15 Aug 2021 – 15 Sep 2021
A solo exhibition at The Noticeboard, Huffington UK - an outdoor gallery of a flagpole and noticeboard. Gallery curated and directed by Kate Genever.

Sera Waters: Specks: unimaginable futures
29 Jul 2021 – 28 Aug 2021
A solo exhibition at Hugo Michell Gallery of contemporary artworks by artist Sera Waters.

2020, Hand-dyed cotton, cotton thread and felt on hand-dyed linen
Weaving Futures
9 Mar 2021 – 21 May 2021
Australian Tapestry Workshop exhibition of designs for future tapestries made during Covid

Survivalist Sampler
Make the World Again
1 May 2020 – 14 May 2021
Contemporary Australian textiles exhibition curated by Kevin Murray

Dribbling blood
Drawn Thread: 50 years of Australian Feminist Textiles
5 Dec 2020 – 13 Feb 2021
Drawn Thread is the first of 5 iterations of The Hand-made Tale; 50 years of craft and design in Queensland, a series of curatorial offerings celebrating artisan’s influential 50 years’ of operation.

Cave Thinking: The Partnershipping Project: Riddoch Art Gallery.
The Partnershipping Project
7 Mar 2020 – 1 Jun 2020
The Partnershipping Project was an exhibition that travelled to 4 regional gallery destinations. The works are made by 20 regionally based artists, each responding to the question: ‘does place matter? The Partnershipping Project was curated by Pat Hoffie.

Survivalist Sampler
Drastic Fabric
12 Feb 2020 – 20 Mar 2020
A group exhibition celebrating four South Australian artists using textiles. Curator: Andrew Purvis. Adelaide Central School of Art Gallery. Artists: Sera Waters, Henry Jock Walker, Carly Snoswell and Liz Jenner.

Installation image of Sera Water's exhibition Going Round in Squares at Ararat Gallery Tama.
Going Round in Squares
9 Mar 2019 – 30 Jun 2019
Solo exhibition at Ararat Gallery TAMA

Dazzleland -Hugo Michell Gallery
23 May 2019 – 8 Jun 2019
A solo exhibition at Hugo Michell Gallery of contemporary artworks by artist Sera Waters. Dazzleland explores the shimmering aftermaths within dry Australian Country.

Joseph's 95,076 Holes
20 Nov 2018 – 12 Dec 2018
The ten year anniversary exhibition for Hugo Michell Gallery: featuring represented artists. Work by Sera Waters exploring the family legacies of golf and repetitive textiles.

Installation of Limb by Limb by textile artist Sera Waters
Limb by Limb
22 Sep 2018 – 20 Oct 2018
Limb by Limb, an exhibition by Sera Waters at Art Collective WA.

30 Aug 2018 – 13 Oct 2018
Hugo Michell Gallery

HolyRollers_Psychache_Aug 2018_141_LoRes
1 Aug 2018 – 31 Aug 2018

Installation Domestic Arts at ACE Open, SA.
Domestic Arts
21 Jul 2017 – 26 Aug 2017
Domestic Arts, a solo exhibition at ACE Open by Sera Waters, exploring settler colonial inheritances through contemporary textiles and home-craft traditions.

Great Australian Bite: Cavernous
27 Mar 2015 – 18 Jun 2017
Slipstitch presents an Australian perspective on the contemporary uptake of embroidery by a new generation of artists. The exhibition features recent work from Mae Finlayson, David Green, Lucas Grogan, Alice Kettle, Tim Moore, Silke Raetze, Demelza Sherwood, Matt Siwerski, Jane Theau, Sera Waters, Elyse Watkins and Ilka White.

20161010 S&S Installation RGB 4000px Photo Saul Steed screen0Z2Y7205
Sappers & Shrapnel
11 Nov 2016 – 29 Jan 2017
An exhibition of contemporary art and the art of the trenches, curated by Lisa Slade for the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Installation Vote For Me a group show including works by textile artist Sera Waters, Format Gallery, Adelaide.
Vote For Me
4 Sep 2016 – 2 Oct 2016
Curated by Powerhouse: Brigid Noone & Kate Power, presented at Format Gallery, Adelaide.

Illusions of History
28 Jul 2016 – 2 Sep 2016
Ali Gumillya Baker, Sue Kneebone, Paul Sloan & Sera Waters – Illusions of History at Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide.

Fleurieu Art Prize 2016
Fleurieu Art Prize 2016
3 Jun 2016 – 29 Jul 2016
Gathering Misery, a pair of textile artworks by Sera Waters selected for the Fleurieu Art Prize 2016.

import15November15 064
20 Nov 2015 – 29 Nov 2015
FELTspace public art project, taking art out into public precincts.

Spectre Folk
1 Oct 2015 – 31 Oct 2015
Hugo Michell Gallery

135th Meridian East
5 Sep 2014 – 4 Oct 2014
135th Meridian-East: a group exhibition of SA and NT artists, curated by Andre Lawrence, exploring an ongoing relatedness across expanses of Country.

importjune18 024
Art House: The Local Ghost Laboratory
13 May 2014 – 17 May 2014
Art House: an experimental series of exhibitions held at the Adelaide Central Markets. The Local Ghost Laboratory by Sera Waters collected ghost stories.

6 Apr 2014 – 4 May 2014
Fontanelle Gallery, Adelaide.

NJPF Adelaide Town Hall 13 Feb_image
Not Just a Pretty Face
14 Feb 2014 – 20 Mar 2014
Installation Not Just a Pretty Face, Adelaide Town Hall. Curated by Carollyn Kavanagh.

Crystal Palace
27 Jul 2013 – 29 Sep 2013
A group exhibition at Flinders University Art Museum, including the contemporary textile artwork of Sera Waters. Curated by Lisa Harms.

See Unseen
20 Aug 2013 – 13 Sep 2013
Adelaide Central Gallery

Beyonce is a feminist
7 Jul 2013 – 11 Aug 2013
A collaborative art work led by Sera Waters and Cheryl Hutchens exploring what it means to be feminist today.

Going Bush: Bushranger
Sensorial Loop
24 Sep 2011 – 30 Apr 2013

Dark Portals
8 Feb 2013 – 20 Apr 2013
A solo exhibition of contemporary textiles by Sera Waters at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, University of Western Australia, featuring works drawn from the Cruther's Collection of Women's Art.

7 Mar 2013 – 10 Mar 2013
Random works of public art installed along Jetty Roads, Glenelg and Brighton, SA

To make something of nothing and nothing of something: portable nothingness
End of the World
25 Nov 2012 – 21 Dec 2012
A group exhibition pondering the end of the world. Presented by Fontanelle Gallery, Adelaide.

exhibition buildmeacity Spiresml
...build me a city
9 Nov 2012 – 8 Dec 2012
...build me a city: an exploration of the Architecture Museum archives by seven artists

Exhibition Life stitching
Life, Stitching
24 Aug 2012 – 11 Sep 2012
Life, Stitching; a group exhibition curated by Linda Marie Walker, shown at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, University of South Australia (Adelaide) as well as Riddoch Art Gallery (Mount Gambier, SA).

Exhibition Objectified gentlemenspark.makedo
4 Apr 2012 – 4 May 2012
These works reflect legacies that have been left with me.

9 Sep 2011 – 8 Oct 2011
A solo exhibition of ominous contemporary textiles by Sera Waters, Lowrise Projects, Melbourne.

Self as Plover
1 Jul 2011 – 19 Aug 2011
Flocked: a project by Sera Waters collecting bird stories from across South Australia as part of the Inside SAM's place residency, at South Australian Museum, facilitated by CraftSouth (now Guildhouse).

The silence surging softly backwards
Imagining Interiors
21 May 2011 – 10 Jul 2011
This artwork was created in collaboration with artist Kirsten Coehlo. Curator: Wendy Walker. Presented at JamFactory, Adelaide.

Cairn of Hope
Home Stories
11 Feb 2011 – 19 Mar 2011
Curated by Vivonne Thwaites, a collaboration between the Migration Museum and Adelaide Central Gallery

Great Australian Bite: Cavernous
artroom5: Sera Waters 2011
18 Feb 2011 – 13 Mar 2011
An exhibition of Sera Waters' contemporary textile artworks, predominantly blackwork and goldwork embroidery, exploring an Australian ominousness.

Things Happened
4 Aug 2010 – 21 Aug 2010
flyblown: an exhibition by Sera Waters of Australian historical narratives reinterpreted into contemporary re-imaginings of domestic home-craft traditions.

Bloody Wounded
1 Jul 2010 – 31 Jul 2010
A group exhibition of Hedgemaze studio members, at Prospect Gallery, SA

Dark Doilies
27 May 2010 – 5 Jun 2010
An exhibition of embroidered dark doilies and blood puddles by Sera Waters at Phat Coffee, 2010 for ArtWest, Adelaide West End precinct.

Camouflaged Hole + Blood-hole
Little Weeds: small acts of tenderness & violence
26 Feb 2010 – 7 Mar 2010
curated by Lisa Harms

2009Waters 0509 01
Craft n' disaster
12 Jun 2009 – 19 Jul 2009
Craft n' disaster: a solo exhibition of textiles by Sera Waters exploring soft domestic furnishings as witnesses to natural disasters.

Butchering: Hack
artroom5: Sera Waters 2009
4 Mar 2009 – 21 Mar 2009
artroom5: an exhibition featuring blackwork embroideries by Sera Waters investigating petty crime.

A Very Crooked Lineage
artroom5: Sera Waters SALA 2008
6 Aug 2008 – 16 Aug 2008
An exhibition by Sera Waters of blackwork embroideries mapping lineages of petty crimes.

2009homewitness1 [1600x1200]
Quiet Hands
13 Sep 2007 – 30 Sep 2007
Exhibition at Gaff Studio, Curated by Rayleen Forrester.

Hedgemaze: Light Square Gallery
28 Feb 2007 – 29 Mar 2007
Light Square Gallery, Adelaide Centre for the Arts, TAFE SA.

A Crooked Lineage
Crooks & Nannies
8 Nov 2006 – 25 Nov 2006
Crooks & Nannies: a solo exhibition exploring petty crime by artist Sera Waters at Adelaide ARI Downtown Art Space.