Noticeboard installation view

Familiar Activism: Truth-Telling

15 Aug 2021 – 15 Sep 2021
A solo exhibition at The Noticeboard, Huffington UK - an outdoor gallery of a flagpole and noticeboard. Gallery curated and directed by Kate Genever.

The Notice Board: The Notice Board is an ongoing collaboration between Kate Genever, international artists and the village community in Lincolnshire, UK. Located in Genever's front garden, it features an A1 size display case and a 6m flag pole. Curated to the theme: The Lands of the Free?, the invited artists show for one month. The work is archived @noticeboardunited.

Sera Waters -  Familiar Activism: Truth-Telling  - 15 August - 15 September 2021
A tale: In the mid 1800s my ancestors migrated from Lincolnshire to South Australia where they spread across Kaurna, Bunganditj, Nukunu, Adnyamathanha and Ngarrindjeri Country, propogating roots in waterholes, down mine shafts, upon woolly backed sheep, in the crevices between stacked bricks from which they made homes, and in the bitumen of highways. They flourished and my art reckons with the knots from these inherited settler colonial pasts and the resulting ecological damage. It is time to reckon with and redirect intergenerational colonial mindsets which have normalised colonising acts – family traditions like gardening, mining, farming, imported to a land where they do not always fit. These artworks are acts of truth-telling; a flag exposing the land grab of unceded Aboriginal country and a set of artifacts revealing the dry that comes from draining for pastoralism.

Flag: Today in Australia towering cabbage palms indicate some of the earliest colonial homesteads. They were planted to send out a visual signal of claiming land, declaring far and wide “this is MINE”.

Noticeboard: Today water exits the drought stricken land of Australia at a quickening pace. Once, before rocks and trees were removed en masse and drains were cut to make land suitable for pastoralism, chains of ponds and thin creeks allowed water to slowly trickle toward the sea. Now trickles have become streams, rivers, a mass exodus, a road across dry land.

Noticeboard installation view
Noticeboard installation view
Noticeboard Installation view
Noticeboard installation view

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