Hedgemaze: Light Square Gallery

28 Feb 2007 – 29 Mar 2007
Light Square Gallery, Adelaide Centre for the Arts, TAFE SA.

"A hedgemaze is an interesting kind of puzzle. Inviting and exciting, verdant and genteel; there is no course to plot and no map to be made, but there you are, in the thick of it, safe as you were in your mother's arms, despite any fears you might have of being misplaced. If it's a good maze, it won't take too long to lose yourself, but soon enough your most profound desire will be to be found. It is a conundrum - isn't it? The exit, the only escape route, may actually be the entrance.

Navigating through the art world is almost as perplexing as navigating through life. Art and life: Two versions of the same riddle perhaps, one experiential, the other temporal. Which is which? Certainly, art is easier to embrace, but it is a great mystery none the less, and not one easily explained."


"Textiles and textile references, feature prominently in Sera Waters' work. The combination of paint and embroidery encourage connections with the viewer's own memories of napery - doilies and napkins - layered, as they are, in domestic history, and women's history. The delicate and intricately textured works contain references to 'family as they trace recollections of long passed family members".

Excerpt from exhibition text by Shaw Hendry.



Artworks in Exhibition

Linen memories: petit crime #1 (fire tree), petit crime #2 (jewel), petit #3 (bed)
27cm (W) x 27cm (H)
2007, acrylic, cotton, crewel, watercolour on linen.
He's in trouble, She's in trouble, We're all in trouble
100cm (W) x 50cm (H)
2007, acrylic, watercolour, cotton, crewel on fabric