Survivalist Sampler


#survivalistsampler: an inclusive stitch project

Telling Tales

Telling Tales is a community stitch project led by artists Jo Fife and Sera Waters. Community members with links to the Limestone Coast region of South Australia were invited to share insights, knowledge, and tales from past happenings, passed along knowledge, family histories, regional species, weather events or mysteries that will become part of an unique artwork.
Keep Going


#climatebadges: an ongoing Instagram-based action led by activist group @sa_artists_for_climate_action

2014 - ongoing: The Local Ghost Laboratory: collecting anecdoatal data on ghosts in South Australia

The Local Ghost Laboratory is a project collecting stories, images & text about ideas or experiences of ‘ghosts’.
Self as Plover

2011: Flocked: Collecting Bird Stories from SA

Flocked was a participatory project for Inside SAM's Place;

2004 - 2010: Vitamin archive

Vitamin was created by Shaw Hendry in 2004 as a publishing venue for South Australian art and arts writing.