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The Home Witness series: Doily Bird #4

2007, cotton, linen, lace

Sera Waters | Artist
Flittering birds and embroidered linen doilies are alike in unusual ways. Each generation of bird and doily seems burdened with the same role, to keep a watch over our homes. While doilies are passive witnesses, their task to sit under loved and precious possessions (mainly in elderly homes), gather dust, protect furniture and keep a woven watch on our belongings, birds are more active. They warble and dart from window to window making mental notes of where our precious items lie, and sighting visitors to the home when we are not there. If sinister events do take place, both doilies and birds remain as witnesses; thieves are not so interested in collecting doilies and birds are much too quick. While often cast aside as 'decorative' or in the domain of 'nanna' art, birds and doilies continue to fulfil their roles watching over our lives.