Soft Comfort




Textiles comfort bodies, softening the edges of the world, giving respite, and providing homely care. Care requires attentive continuous labours of maintenance and sustenance, and is a human (and non-human) tradition from time immemorial.

Soft comfort: quilting

Life's padding

cushions, sofa/lounge, carpets, oven mits, socks, quilts, beanbags, pillow nests, textile wall coverings, hammocks, furs, rugs, sleeping bags, upholstery ...


Stuffings: feathers, hay/straw, horse hair, rags, cotton, wool, paper, buckwheat hulls


"comfort had become the greatest luxury..." (p. 15)

Cushions: A cushion is an ancient article of furniture.

bolster, hassock, headrest, tush, sham, pillow, throw pillow...

Carpets: Carpets date up to 9000 years old.

Carpets create softness underfoot. The quantity imported into the early Australian colonies signified the want for comforts, as well as covering dirt floors, or Australian soil. Before the machine made production of more affordable woollen carpets and rugs (Ingrain carpets), handmade rag rugs and hooked rugs were often used.