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Pigeon in 2 Parts

2011, card, linen, beads, velvet, trims, crewel, beads, string, sequins and felt

Sera Waters | Artist
Pigeon in 2 Parts was made for inclusion in a story, specimen and stitch installation at the South Australian Museum as part of Inside SAM's Place, an initiative by CraftSouth. The work developed from my own experiences (which became a two-part story) around a tragically fated pair of pigeons. After one was hit by a car, I was struck by the grief expressed by the remaining partner who refused to leave the body. I later learned that pigeons mate for life. A few weeks later I saw that brave bird (I think) also hit by a car. Even though these birds are openly despised by many (as dirty, or as rats of the sky), they feel and bleed much like us. Dimensions variable.