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Golden Embrace

42cm (W) x 64cm (H) x 4cm (D)
Repurposed gloves, cotton, leather

Sera Waters | Artist
This artwork was made in response to artefacts held in Barossa museums and private collections, for the exhibition Stability, Grace, Endurance: Hand Crafted in Early Barossa at Barossa Regional Gallery, 2024.Photograph Grant Hancock

Golden embrace riffs of the 2022 artwork Got You. This artwork was similarly made from repurposed gloves to imagine a multi-generational matriarchal hug arranged into a wreath form; a form of mourning but also honouring their centuries of care. Golden Embrace, by contrast, incorporates individually crafted leather leaves and responds to early German Barossa frames which feature master-crafted leather leaves and foliage. Here the leaves echo the hands, which fold and hold and suggests a bodily closeness. As well, the wreath form evokes those prevalent in many German Barossa anniversary celebration kits, which were made in honour of passing time and family connectedness. This artwork focusses upon not what is ‘framed’ but rather the form itself; golden tones of preciousness but also those familiar to this ecology of heat and often drought.