Future Traditions: Mass Making-do (Install)

2022, a group of collection items and artworks exploring the Future Tradition of textiles as mass making-do, Photograph Saul Steed.

Sera Waters | Artist
Mass Making-do: Sera Waters, Future Traditions, Gallery 8, Art Gallery of South Australia

Mass Making-do

Repurposing, reusing and making-do are age-old traditions. Restoring these traditions recognises the value of textiles and addresses the issue of their being one of the globe's main pollutants. What if, like our ancestors, we were forced to make all of our textiles by hand or by making-do, using only what can be gathered, found second-hand, altered or mended? An aim of mass making-do is to reinstate value by recognising the technologies and skills embedded in textiles, and to keep these in circulation longer through acts of care.