Future Traditions: Great Decelerators (Install)

2022, a group of collection items, video and artworks exploring the Future Tradition of textiles as Great Decelerators, Photograph Saul Steed.

Sera Waters | Artist
Great Decelerators: Sera Waters, Future Traditions, Gallery 8, Art Gallery of South Australia.

Great Decelerators

Unlike the 'Great Acceleration', needlework can reinstate traditions of bodily pace, rhythm and ancestral time. Basic stitches such as running stitch rely upon rhythm and pace, which align with bodies, the in and out of the needle and the in and out of breath. This can be likened to walking, pacing or following a pathway with repeated steps. Decelerating puts us in contact with the pulse of ecologies. This future tradition asks how the pace of textile waste and mass production can be slowed through repurposing, repetitive stitches, noticing and removing ourselves from the ever-increasing acceleration of capitalist, extractivist and production culture.