Fingers and Foliage
40cm (W) x 34cm (H)
2022, found frame, cotton. Photograph Grant Hancock.
Woylie (with pockets)
33cm (W) x 40cm (H)
2022, repurposed latch hook wool/fibres, leather, felt, cotton, trim. Photograph Grant Hancock
Got You
65cm (W) x 65cm (H) x 4cm (D)
2022, Found gloves, stuffing, lycra, cotton, repurposed buttons. Photograph Grant Hancock
20221125 Sera Waters Future Traditions SRGB 2000px Photo Saul Steed 0Z2Y2493
Heart Armour
2022, hand-dyed linen, found collar, fabric, shells, cotton. Photograph Saul Steed.
Lichen underfoot (rug for a tree)
93cm (W) x 84cm (H)
2022, canvas, repurposed rug-making yarn, wool. Photograph by Grant Hancock.
Beyond Clearing/Beyond McCubbin (homage to Bruce Pascoe)
26cm (W) x 36cm (H)
2022, found frame, gumnuts, cotton, leather. Photograph by Grant Hancock.
Private Eye(lets)
112cm (W) x 96cm (H)
2022, repurposed hessian sack, hand-dyed string, cotton, trim, brass pole with ceramic and brass fittings, various nylon tapes. Photograph Grant Hancock.
Handled Nets
70cm (W) x 113cm (H)
2022, found handles, silver rope, beads, cotton. Photograph by Grant Hancock.
Doilies of the Disappeared
2022, 2022, Found doilies, crochet thread, Various sizes. Photograph the artist.
Fox Doily: Interior Borders
2022, hand-dyed doilies, gold rope, thread, repurposed fabrics. Photograph Grant Hancock.
Towel Power
56cm (W) x 92cm (H)
2022, repurposed towel, felt, found fabric, found tassels, cotton, brass poles, rope, repurposed trim, brass fittings. Photograph Grant Hancock
Soft Truths
35cm (W) x 65cm (H)
2022, Repurposed candlewicking, assorted threads, trim, stuffing, string, handmade clay beads. Photograph Grant Hancock
107cm (W) x 110cm (H)
2022, Leather, vintage Japanese silk threads, repurposed fabrics: velvet, linen, cotton, trims. Photograph Grant Hancock
The Future is Now Quilt (homage to Mary Jane Hannaford)
92cm (W) x 94cm (H)
2022, repurposed quilt, various fabrics, cotton. Photograph Grant Hancock.
Survivalist Sampler #3
33cm (W) x 39cm (H)
2022, cotton and glow-in-the-dark-thread on repuposed linen. Photograph Grant Hancock.
Storied Sail Cloths installation view, 2022 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art. Art Gallery of South Australia
Storied Sail Cloths
600cm (W) x 400cm (H) x 30cm (D)
2021, various repurposed and hand-dyed threads, string, cotton, found fabrics, felt and beads upon vintage linen/hemp, brass poles and fittings, rope and South Australian minerals. Photograph Saul Steed.
Stony Insides
37cm (W) x 35cm (H)
2021, Braided repurposed fabrics. Photography by Grant Hancock.
Familiar Activism: Truth-telling: Flag of Mine
2021, repurposed fabrics, stencilled paint, cotton, dimensions, flag pole and bracket. Photograph the artist.
Familiar Activism: Truth-telling: Bitumen Doily & Stump Necklace
2021, hand-dyed linen, felt, cotton, trim, string & felt, gold jap thread, cotton, chain. Photograph Grant Hancock.