Artworks / 2017 / Boundary Wreath

Boundary Wreath 2017 by Sera Waters

Boundary Wreath  2017

found woollen needlework, wool, velveteen, beanfill, hooks

230 x 130 cm

Photograph Grant Hancock

Boundary Wreath is a memorialising object which uses found floral needlework to signal loss and mourning. Evidence from my ancestor’s gardens revealed they preferred non-native species; planting roses, poppies, carnations, orchids and so on, and disrupting the gardens which had been cultivated there for generations prior. While Boundary Wreath began as a study of fence lines, noticing how fences operate to signal possession of parcels of land, making this work revealed traditional textile (and gardening) methods of constraint. As I bound each edge with wool I questioned how I am conditioned to bind messy edges, to neaten, to constrain loose threads or tendrils, weed out, arrange and control.