Artworks / 2012 / me a city (install) me a city (install) 2012 by Sera Waters me a city (install)  2012

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Selected Architecture Museum item:

Andrews, Brian (1984) Gothic in South Australian Churches, Flinders University Art Museum, Bedford Park. Brian Andrews – Guest Curator, Donald L. Johnson – Assistant Guest Curator and Editor, and Joan Kerr – Foreword.

With a particular interest in: Stow Memorial Church, Flinders Street, Adelaide (1866) designed by Robert George Thomas (now the Pilgrim Uniting Church, 12 Flinders St, Adelaide).


Artist statement:

Stow Memorial Church is an early example of Victorian Gothic revival Architecture in Adelaide. I am fascinated by how this English architectural style, imported and transplanted into the young settlement of Adelaide, offered a familiar and communal space for those forging out a new life far from their known home. Letters exist in my family’s historical records around ancestors John and Emma Braddock and their nine sons (arriving 1852) which mark Stow Memorial Church as their place they eventually sought spirituality, community and connection. They, not unusually, had numerous struggles in living in the early colony, but one recorded through letters is their difficulty in resolving past conflicts with those remaining in England (via an irregular post system and lengthy periods of time). I imagine the Braddocks (especially their son William who  took it upon himself to try to reconcile one misunderstanding which plagued his father) visiting Stow Memorial Church and looking up, into the light and high ceilings, visioning the sun-filled sky above, attempting to reach beyond the grounded physicality of their everyday selves. Now many generations later we share the same sun. Similarly I look up, soak in the sun’s light, in an attempt to transcend myself and find guidance in the natural environment. These works centre around light, as enabling transcendental thinking, as well as contemplative and repetitive practice, as a means to make connections across time.