The Local Ghost Laboratory: collecting anecdoatal data on ghosts in South Australia

WHAT: The Local Ghost Laboratory is a data collection project: collecting stories, images & text about ideas or experiences of ‘ghosts’.

WHERE: You are invited to come to stall 61 of the Adelaide Central Markets from May 13-17 to add your response to one of the four specially made books: What is a Ghost?, Haunted Sites, Ghost Stories and Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Alternatively you can email and I will add your response into the appropriate book.

*Please specify if you wish your name to be published alongside your contribution.

WHY: Stories are powerful, especially collectively. Often we carry around stories/thoughts/theories/experiences within us but there they remain. This is particularly true of stories about ghosts, spirits, or the unexplainable, which are considered by many questionable.  These books, as they become added to and read by many, will become a powerful reciprocal of the many and varied voices of people of our times and their thoughts about ghosts.  

WHO: You. This project is initiated by Sera Waters, an Adelaide based artist, but is carried forward by its contributors.

*Please note that by adding to these books you are giving your permission for your story to be shared to others writing and reading them within the scope of this project.

WHEN: While this project will be live from May 13-17 at the Adelaide Central markets, this is an ongoing project which began in April 2014. It will continue until the books are filled. They will then be donated to an appropriate public archive.






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Sera Waters thanks Arts SA for the grant supporting this online catalogue of work & recent photograhpy by Grant Hancock (2010)

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