Survivalistsampler #survivalistsampler

Calling all stitchers. Using the # survivalistsampler on Instagram join me in a daily/weekly stitch project; stitching together from a distance. I believe aritst and stitchers have an important role to play right now. I had begun a Collaborative Prepping stitch based project at Adelaide Central School of Art Gallery with the exhibition Drastic Fabric, but as events have unfolded around Coronavirus this has necessarily adapted. My recent Survivalist Sampler series now seem more prescient than ever.

Stitch for me is a way of lessening worry, documenting important skills and knowledge, and providing hope thoruhg wisdom about a shared future. I am calling out to anyone who would like to join me in stitching their own survivalist sampler. Record in stitch these unprecedented times, knowledge that can help us move forward, your thoughts and insights, your life and what you value. Samplers from all cultures and times have become surviving records of their makers lives. They are so valuable. I suggest starting with fabric about the size of a tea towel, or a tea towel itself, and find a quiet time each day to add something small. It is slow progress but meaningful. I will post my progress if you post yours, using #survivalistsampler.


Keep Going Climate badge


With the activist group @sa_artists_for_climate_action we have started an ongoing Instagram based action. This is the call out:

Dear artists across Australia concerned with political inaction on our climate emergency.

This is a call to action.

As artists we declare a climate emergency. Let’s act as individuals together across the month of October. It has been shown that contacting our leaders, our decision makers, in a targeted way, directly, personally, and individually, is the most effective strategy to create and continue change. This project is about encouraging those that are part of this change.

We invite you to make a climate badge that reflects the materials and methods of your art practice and addresses your climate emergency concerns. Send this to your politician/leader/local member/decision maker/researcher/board member/person of influence of choice with an explanatory note (you can use the template below). Do this to propel their good work further, to give encouragement to keep going, or to spur someone into action who can do more.

Work individually, or gather your friends, run a badge-making session in your studio or your place of work, take this project wherever you can. Share this call to action far and wide. Your art voice is valuable.

Post it, with your note, to your leader of choice. Share your badge and note on Instagram using #climatebadges and tag your selected badge recipient where possible. Follow this hashtag to see other contributions.

Thank you for taking action. Collective action has power.  

SA Artists for Climate Action.


This is a letter template:

Dear [insert name of recipient]

My name is [ insert] I am an [artist/role/bit about yourself].

I am sending you a climate badge to recognise your efforts in [insert details]. 

As an artist I’ve invested time making this badge for you as I appreciate your important work. This is part of a nationwide action by Australian artists to encourage work by people like yourself at the forefront of creating much needed change to address our climate emergency. You can find out more about this project on Instagram at #climatebadges. If you’d like to contribute you can post an image of yourself wearing your badge. Please use the hashtag #climatebadges.

I look forward to seeing you proudly wearing your badge. Keep going.

Yours sincerely

[insert name]




2011 - ongoing: The Local Ghost Laboratory: collecting anecdoatal data on ghosts in South Australia

WHAT: The Local Ghost Laboratory is a data collection project: collecting stories, images & text about ideas or experiences of ‘ghosts’. Your insight can be added to one of the four specially made books: What is a Ghost?, Haunted Sites, Ghost Stories and Do You Believe in Ghosts?

WHERE: at time to time these books appear, but currently the best way to contribute is to email and I will add your response.

*Please specify if you wish your name to be published alongside your contribution.

WHY: Stories are powerful, especially collectively. Often we carry around stories/thoughts/theories/experiences within us but there they remain. This is particularly true of stories about ghosts, spirits, or the unexplainable, which are considered by many questionable.  These books, as they become added to and read by many, will become a powerful reciprocal of the many and varied voices of people of our times and their thoughts about ghosts.  

WHO: You. This project is initiated by Sera Waters, an Adelaide based artist, but is carried forward by its contributors.

*Please note that by adding to these books you are giving your permission for your story to be shared to others writing and reading them within the scope of this project.

WHEN:  this is an ongoing project which began in April 2014. It will continue until the books are filled. They will then be donated to an appropriate public archive.





2011: Flocked: Collecting Bird Stories from SA

Flocked was a participatory project for Inside SAM's Place; a residency undertaken at the SA Musuem facilitated by Craftsouth. While the project is over the blog remains to share many people's moving insights into lives lived with birds.





Vitamin ep1

2004 - 2010: Vitamin archive

Vitamin was created by Shaw Hendry in 2004 as a publishing venue for
South Australian art and arts writing. Vitamin contains images and articles
by emerging and mid-career South Australian artists,
as well as by other participants in local visual culture. I spent many years working alongside Shaw laying out the zine and learning from him about the art of writing, editing and what it takes to give love and generosity to a project which meant much to our community in Adelaide and beyond.