Exhibitions / Objectified / Stumped (together)

Stumped (together) 2012 by Sera Waters

Stumped (together)  2012

wood, light, string

Installed: approximately 65 cm (h)x 150 cm (w)

These works reflect legacies that have been left with me.

They are felt like ghosts, in my blood and in my home, and rise and seep from the still-active memories of South Australian colonial history.

I often imagine the infinite individual moments of time passed here, 100, 200 plus years ago, accumulated and compressed atop one another, like layers of earth but consisting of people’s (and flora and fauna’s) lived experiences. I like to think there remain standing Eucalypts which witnessed the last two centuries of unimaginable occurrences. Perhaps their roots cling to one another deep underground, holding hands, sharing what they have seen.

My ancestors began arriving in Port Misery as early as 1838 to find shelter in caves, temporary tents and eventually durable dwellings – all the while building complex tangles of encounters, emotions, and stories which passed along generations. Their legacies are these tangles. They are taken up here and reinterpreted into knotty objects and scenarios that confound my present with their many, many pasts.

I contemplate these tangles by making using ‘time’; over and over again making laboriously, repetitively and intimately. Time makes space; space to be mindful of the unknown terrain of inner lives that records could not commit to history, as well as how over generations connections have been forged to this place through a make-do, then more enduring, ‘homeliness’.

These works act as small emotionally-driven memorials, dedicated not only to the ghosts of documented history, but to the past’s reverberations importantly haunting us today.


Photo Grant Hancock