Exhibitions / Not Just a Pretty Face

14.02.2014 to 20.03.2014

Madison Bycroft, Jenn Brazier, Deidre But-Husaim, Ruby Chew, Rebecca Hastings, Kate Kurucz, Hailey Lane, Polly McNicol, Brigid Noone (Art Pod), Deborah Paauwe, Colleen Raven-Strangways, Mary-Jean Richardson, Nat Rogers, Sera Waters & Sheree Wright


Paintings of male explorers, builders, mayors and kings have long lined the walls of the Adelaide Town Hall. These commissioned portraits, painted predominately by men, memorialise the state’s history.  Not Just a Pretty Face is a group exhibition of portraiture by local emerging and established female visual artists, presenting alternate ideas to traditional portraits of power and status. Held in both Art Pod and the Adelaide Town Hall, this mixed-media exhibition includes painting, photography and moving image. Playing with fashion, gender and cultural identity, Not Just a Pretty Face reveals much about the changes in the art of portraiture as well as the times we now live in.

Curated by Carollyn Kavanagh as part of the Adelaide City Council’s Emerging Curator Program.

Nesting: Self as Plover, Pigeon hair, Waddler & Red cheeks 2014 by Sera Waters

Nesting: Self as Plover, Pigeon hair, Waddler & Red cheeks  2014

linen, sequins, cotton, feathers, felt, crewel, card, stuffing, trims

variable dimensions (hand held size)

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