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Falling: Line by Line 2018 by Sera Waters

Falling: Line by Line  2018

vinyl wallpaper (adhesive backed and removeable), woollen long-stitches

2 m x 7 m

Photograph by Rob - Acorn Photo (WA)

'Falling: Line by Line' is an evolving textile-based installation which features an intimately-scaled long-stitch transformed into a seven meter long photographic wallpaper. Since the 1980s, Australian woollen long-stitches have been commonly associated with amateur kits depicting kitsch and nostalgic pastoral landscapes. This needlework repurposes the same pastel threads and techniques of these kits to rework these loaded traditions into recognition-based trajectories. In particular, complex linear patterns are stitched to speak back to the multi-generational repeated habits of misuse associated with the colonised Australian landscape. 'Falling: Line by Line' depicts a fallen tree set before a setting sun; this lifeless giant is indicative of our inherited aftermath caused by the radical shifts which have occurred to Australia’s ecology, hand by hand, limb by limb, and line by line. The lives of trees and humans are startlingly alike and the additional long-stitches (pinned atop the wallpaper) - of limbs, setting-sun faces, holes, and eyes - explore these evolving relations and species inter-dependence. Up-close, this wallpaper reveals every stitch and every pattern embedded in landscape, highlighting their contructedness and the continuance of the colonisation of Country.