Exhibitions / Illusions of History

28.07.2016 to 02.09.2016

Ali Gumillya Baker, Sue Kneebone, Paul Sloan & Sera Waters – Illusions of History

Photograph courtesy of Hugo Michell Gallery

Clench 2016 by Sera Waters

Clench  2016

Towel, shells, handmade beads, cotton, fringe, wood, handles, cord

135cm x 95cm

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A Stumped Embrace (Rare Pair) 2016 by Sera Waters

A Stumped Embrace (Rare Pair)  2016

Cotton, felt, string, raffia, stockings, negligees, wool, crewel

68 x 90cm

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Camouflage Cloaks for Invaders: Robe 2016 by Sera Waters

Camouflage Cloaks for Invaders: Robe  2016

Pelt, cotton, leather, heavy duty canvas, wallpaper, brass hooks

Wallpaper: 160cm h x 170 cm w; Installation: 230cm h x 170cm w

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Illusions of History: Installation 2016 by Sera Waters

Illusions of History: Installation  2016

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