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11.02.2011 to 19.03.2011

Curated by Vivonne Thwaites, a collaboration between the Migration Museum and Adelaide Central Gallery

Billy & Polly 2011 by Sera Waters

Billy & Polly  2011

Linen, cotton, crewel. Lycra, false sinew, leather, stones, chain, stuffing

variable dimensions

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Cairn of Hope 2011 by Sera Waters

Cairn of Hope  2011

Stones, branch, beads, wood, contact, PVA, paint, cotton, string, wool

Approximately 60 x 20 cm

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Blinding 2011 by Sera Waters

Blinding  2011

Linen, sequins, beads, crewel, cotton, stuffing, card, beads, string, rope, stones

Approximately 90 x 30 cm

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