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2. Stumped: A family gathering 2014 by Sera Waters

2. Stumped: A family gathering  2014

Four kangaroo tails, beads, cotton, linen and stuffing + found bill holder and wallpaper

variable dimensions

When I think of stumps, I think tree stumps, bodily stumps and life stumped, all literally cut short. Survival can be brutal.

There is a photo which comes to mind, well a few. They are black and white, and show a man (or two, three or more) standing upon a most giant tree stump, which in turns stands next to a freshly built wooden dwelling. A new home.

There is a memory, again a few. Magical memories (in the Kauri forest of New Zealand, the ‘haunted’ pine tree on my childhood block, the hollowed out trees housing nests on a farm) of tree trunks, their treetops intact, as big as a home. Some of these are now stumps.

Life can stump you. The stumps of kangaroo tails may get you out of these spots. But stumps can come in many forms and cut the possibilities of life top down. I hope life continues underground.


Photo Grant Hancock