Exhibitions / Ghostscapes / 1. The Beginning

1. The Beginning 2014 by Sera Waters

1. The Beginning  2014

cotton and found frame

350 x 350mm

You are here. Now. Everywhere and across time. The past is not past, it forms the present, and the present and past, the future. You are here in all times; here is a haunted unhomely home.

A good part of me is German. A little more than a quarter; I am pretty sure it’s my head, left arm, shoulder and torso. When I went to Germany that usually practical part of me hoped, against all reason, for an overwhelming feeling of coming home. In Munich, a city in which I could happily live, in the dark hallways of a building whose history makes you shudder, I felt the air thick with ghostly reverberations. They were ghosts from portions of my family’s history, but this wasn’t my home.  And days later, taking in the forest snow scenes from a bus window, I felt a strange pang of familiarity….but that was all. The left side of my upper body returned to Adelaide with unrealistic hopes dashed.  

The rest of me, a hodgepodge of mixed English, Irish, Scottish, Cornish ancestry, is Australian. All parts of me live with the ghosts of the past, here. What are ghosts I wonder? A book, its title ‘And their ghosts may be heard’, sees real ghosts today in language, the verbal absorption of faraway terms; evidence of people of the past. In this way ghosts are everywhere. We speak, feel, touch and live here with ghosts. Everywhere, especially here, where you are.  


Photo Grant Hancock