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9. Grassland(scapes) 2014 by Sera Waters

9. Grassland(scapes)  2014

Hand-dyed calico, cotton, felt, hessian, hand-dyed string, hand-dyed trim, shelving, indoor/outdoor grass, paint, firescreen, hand-painted hand-blown glass fire lightshades

variable dimensions

Three more points on grass: Not too long ago on a night drive to the South a trio of worrying natural conditions culminated.

It was hot and dry. The peak of Summer. It was stifling, heater-on-full-like, the kind that touches every iota of your body and the type that your cooled down core can only ignore for a minute at most.

It was windy. Not mildly windy, but the front of the wind was so strong that we could see it coming kilometres off. It bent the trees, raised the dirt and blew the Australian version of tumbleweed into clumps into our path.

There was lightning. Big bolts of power shooting into the dry dry grass.

As we rounded the coast, as the sun was setting, a pink glow grew and grew and grew. It spread across our view of the coast into the growing darkness. It shimmered, I thought I heard it roar. The pines were our ill-fitting fire screen.


Photo Grant Hancock