Exhibitions / Flocked

01.07.2011 to 19.08.2011

A pair of birds 2011 by Sera Waters

A pair of birds  2011

linen, sequins, cotton, feathers, felt, crewel, card, stuffing, trims

variable dimensions

Self as Plover 2011 by Sera Waters

Self as Plover  2011

Printed linen, felt, crewel and sequins, cotton + card

Approx 130x 80 mm

Pigeon in 2 Parts 2011 by Sera Waters

Pigeon in 2 Parts  2011

Card, linen, beads, velvet, trims, crewel, beads, string, sequins and felt

variable dimensions

Eye of the Emu 2011 by Sera Waters

Eye of the Emu  2011

cotton, beads, sequins, trims, card and stuffing

variable dimensions

Two Fathers 2011 by Sera Waters

Two Fathers  2011

wool, trims

variable dimensions

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Flighty 2011 by Sera Waters

Flighty  2011

linen, sequins, string, card, stuffing

approx 120 x 180 mm

Yellow Petals 2011 by Sera Waters

Yellow Petals  2011

chain, clay, string, sequins, felt

variable dimensions

Cuttle Claw 2011 by Sera Waters

Cuttle Claw  2011

cuttlefish, feathers, clay, beads, trim

variable dimensions