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Ectoplasmic ancestors 2012 by Sera Waters

Ectoplasmic ancestors  2012

lace, cotton, string, leather, mirror, photographs

installation aeaf

My research into the nineteenth century Gothic revival uncovered an active belief in spirits, spectres, ghosts and open communication across time. In particular it was thought photographs could ‘record’ sightings of spirits; as an outpouring of ectoplasm (sometimes with ghostly faces being seen within), or spiritual glares and flashes caught on film. Using the gothic method of ‘rational supernatural’ I have lovingly made wearable faux ectoplasm. This Australian sun-bleached white ectoplasm (an antipodean inversion from the black English Victorian ectoplasm) is my attempt to communicate with the unreachable across generations. As well, photographs with stitched glares make similar attempts, with the glare relating back to the Australian sun; one aspects of daily life myself and my ancestors share.